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De Queen Spanish Club



De Queen Spanish Club is made up of 9th-12th grade students that have taken or are currently taking a Spanish class.  


The mission for members of DQ Spanish Club is to support the educational goals of the youth in our school through a scholarship fund.  Members raise funds through volunteer activities such as concession stand sales and other fundraisers.   

Over the past 5 years, DQ Spanish Club members have awarded $4,700 in scholarships to their fellow classmates.


Another part of DQ Spanish Club is to help create understanding and promote enthusiasm for the various aspects of the Spanish-speaking culture and language.


Some possible events planned for this year will include:

•Salsa y Salsa Gathering (Learn to dance the Salsa while eating salsa)

•Movies after school

•Mexican Restaurant Outing

•Churros y Chocolate Breakfast

•Dia de los Muertos Celebration

•Cinco de Mayo Celebration

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