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Links: Graduation Check Lists, Smart Core, Program Pathway Check Lists

The link page (labled graduation checklist, etc)  contains forms for students to print off graduation requirements so they can see what is required in grades 9-12.  Smart core forms that gives students a list of recommended courses that will help them be college and career ready.  Program Pathway forms showing students a list of courses that will give them college credit, saving you lots of money.


If you have any question please call.

Sandy Moore

Jr. High Counselor

Smart Core is the college- and career-ready set of courses that is the default curriculum for all Arkansas public high school students. Completion of Smart Core with a 2.5 grade point average is also one of the qualifications listed for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. Because of this additional significance for completing Smart Core — and because we know how important it is to graduate all students ready to succeed in college and career — the Arkansas Department of Education has created new, separate Smart Core consent and waiver forms. They are available via the links on this right side of this page. Schools should use these forms to help explain to students and parents the importance of completing the Smart Core curriculum and also to provide appropriate information regarding potential negative consequences of waiving a student’s participation in Smart Core. (Pursuant to the ADE Rules Governing Standards for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools and School Districts; section 9.03.1 et seq.)

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